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leftMy Name is Emilia. I was devastated when I was told my fibroids had grown back after two myomectomies, one in 2000 and another in 2005. My doctor recommended another myomectomy but this time I was determined to go to any extent to avoid going for another surgery. cm


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Budiance Health, A Natural Approach to Fertility Treatments

New approach to health and finest source of Organic herbs that works. Our products are triple strength made from purest organic herbs to improve your life and not empty your wallet as well as deliver benefits promptly.

We believe in allowing the body innate heal itself naturally, as it’s the most important part of maintaining a healthy body; of fighting the processes of reproductive disorder and diseases; and of undoing the planned obsolescence and toxic, nature has built into our bodies to cause infertility.

Budiance Health is your one stop shopping for Organic and WildCrafted Fertility herbal formula, (we don’t cut our herbal quality to make more money). we make sure that the herbs are not irradiated or chemically powdered, no animal products used in any of our herbal formulas. High quality is very important to us as we believe it is to you also and we assure you that our Organic Herbs response better.

The Goal of Budiance Health is to improve reproductive and overall health naturally. Budiance Health is based on many years experience, results of hard work and research by our Master Herbalist Melissa Adam and other supporting Herbalist, Naturopath, Herb Researchers, Medical doctors, Fertility therapist to end Infertility Naturally by means of unique partnership between ancient herbal remedies and today’s best techniques and scientific capabilities truly best of both world.

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