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leftMy Name is Emilia. I was devastated when I was told my fibroids had grown back after two myomectomies, one in 2000 and another in 2005. My doctor recommended another myomectomy but this time I was determined to go to any extent to avoid going for another surgery. cm


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Pregnant with twins after two myomectomies!

My Name is Emilia. I was devastated when I was told my fibroid had grown back after two myomectomies, one in 2000 and another in 2005. My doctor recommended another myomectomy but this time I was determined to go to any extent to avoid going for another surgery.

While I was searching for a natural solution for fibroids, I came across AntiFibroid, I was a bit skeptical because of the price, but my husband insisted that we must try it as I can’t quantify my health with money.

I ordered one bottle of AntiFibroid and Body Cleansing Kit and within four weeks of doing the cleansing and using AntiFibroid, I noticed all my discomfort, cramping and bloating were completely gone and I felt like my old self again. Just as I was preparing to order another bottle of AntiFibroid I noticed I was feeling funny. I decided to see my doctor to find out what was wrong and I was shocked when my test revealed I was pregnant!!! I couldn’t believe I would get such fast results.

My later ultrasound shows I was carry twins and after my delivery, I was overjoyed and wanted to spread the good news, I recommended AntiFibroid miracle cure to lot of women who has similar issues and to my great delight, they all reported they got fantastic results. Thank God for such an amazing product! I was so glad to avoid another surgery. Thank You!!!

Emilia, North Carolina, USA

 Long heavy periods – gone!

In November of 2009 I started having a horrible, extremely long, and VERY heavy period. I felt like I would bleed to death. I didn’t know what was going on – am I dying? My periods lasted 10 to 12 weeks at a time! I was tired all the time. I could barely make it through the day, I couldn’t sleep at night, it as horrible!


My doctor suggested a hysterectomy. I got a second opinion and then a third and they all said a hysterectomy was my only option. I was terrified! I started to research what a fibroid is, what causes a fibroid and what other options are available. I discovered AntiFibroid. The cost is a small fraction of surgery, so I thought, okay….I’ll give it a try. Within few days the blood flow decreased dramatically and a week later stopped completely! The next month my period was light, I felt great, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you for posting other testimonials, and thank you ladies for sharing your experience. Seeing how so many other women were helped, helped me to decide to give this product a try. Thank you! This product really works! Sandra, Iowa.

AntiFibroid Capsules saved me from a hysterectomy !

At 45 I figured I was past the risk of developing a fibroid. Boy was I wrong! My periods starting getting super heavy. I was changing my pad every 2 hours. It got so bad that my boss said I was spending more time in the bathroom than at my desk – this is on days that I could work at all. The nausea, cramps and headaches were so bad during the first 2 days that many times I just stayed in bed all day. My doctor said I had a huge fibroid in the center of my uterus. Blood tests showed my iron was so low that I would have to have an operation right away.


A myomectomy doesn’t always cure fibroid permanently, and since I was close to menopause anyway, my doctor suggested a complete hysterectomy!


Even though I wasn’t planning to get pregnant, I did not like the idea of having a big part of my body cut out and thrown in the trash! Thank God I found AntiFibroid! I started feeling better in 3 days! My energy was up, my iron was up and my fibroid began to shrink. It has only been a month, but I wanted to share my story. I hope I can save other women from surgery. Sally, New Mexico.


I got to know about AntiFibroid from a friend because i was diagonised with Fibroids sizes ranging from 28mm, 34mm, 76mm, 97mm to 114mm.


I bought AntiFibroid and I started with 1 Cap 3 times daily the first week and sebsequently increase to 3 Caps three times daily. On my first week on AntiFibroid, I noticed slight discharge and that told me something was going on, because I usually do not discharge, I continue on my 3 caps thrice daily for the next 5 weeks but the discharge persisted and my first period was awesome, I couldn’t believe my period was normal and I could move around without my usual heavy bleeding and cramping, it lasted for just 5 days unlike 8-12 days period I normally have. I was so glad,


I realized that my abdomen was getting smaller on my fifth week, so I decided to press my abdomen just below my navel, expecting to find one of the large fibroid as before, only to discover that it was over 3 inches down from there, I never expected any improvement that soon. I realized my friend that told me about AntiFibroid was right.


On the sixth week, I couldn’t feel the fibroids again and all my discomfort had stopped. I was over-joyed and I called to cancel my surgery. My doctor was concerned as he couldn’t believe anything could shrink those my large tumors but seeing my abdomen flat, was unbelievable to him.


I am indebted to AntiFibroid and I have already recommended it to my friend that have similar problems. Thank you so much.
Marilyn Norman, Age-38, Olmsted Falls, Ohio,


Dr Glen – Coventry, UK, Doctor report his patient with Uterine Fibroids and Thyroid Cyst, who he placed on Drugs and Injections, but patient tried AntiFibroid, Fibroid & Thyroid Cyst melted away in weeks.

My Doctor Said Fibroids Have Taken Over My Entire Uterus And My Only Option Was Hysterectomy But Advanced Fibroid Shrinking Kit Proof Him Wrong


I use to looked pregnant! Not obese, all the weight was localized around my middle. I truly looked pregnant. I don’t know how many people asked me when I was due – I don’t know who blushed more, me or the person asking when I said I am not pregAdvanced fibroid shrinking kitnant! If that wasn’t bad enough, my periods seemed never ending. I would flow like a river for at least 12 days per month and spot constantly in between.

My doc wanted me to give up my uterus because fibroids have fully taken over my uterus and he insisted that hysterectomy was my only option, I wasn’t ready for surgery and I research about other natural alternative and found Advanced Fibroid Shrinking Kit, I told him about it but he turn it down claiming that he hasn’t seen anything that shrink fibroid naturally especially a case as worse as mine won’t respond, that it will even get worse.
Despite his discouragement, I follow my heart and I have been using the Advanced Fibroid Shrinking Kit for about 10 weeks now and already my bulge is much smaller and my periods are much more manageable and my doctor couldn’t believe the amazing results I got naturally . Thank you for such a great product! Now every time I hear someone talking about fibroids, I say Advanced Fibroid Shrinking Kit! It really works!
Jenny, North Dakota.


Hello, I am joyce, I really don’t know how to express my gratitude to you, you are just God sent. I have being battling with infertility challenge for a decade and I refuse to under go surgery at 43 years, because of the risk involved and I am still hoping I could have a baby of my own but my OBGYN advised me to give up hope of ever having a baby, because my Fibroids where so large that they could kill me, if I don’t agree for the Hysterectomy, that even Myomectomy can’t help me, I disagree and choose to die with my Fibroids than give up my Uterus.


One fateful day, while I was praying for God to intervene, something prompt me to surf the net and I did, after searching through many options, I stumbled on your website and I read about Advanced Fibroid Shrinking Kit and I decided to give it a try, considering it contain so many things I have heard in the past which are scientifically proven to shrink fibroids.


It took me 2 months to order, because I have to go about to raise the money. Finally I bought it and I followed it up dedicatedly and in 13 weeks my Fibroids that made me look like a full time pregnant woman is 100% gone. It’s nothing short of a Miracle to me. Melissa you are my Angel. Thank you.

Joyce, North Carolina.


Katherine – South Africa, Café Town, A 36 Years Old Female, Married for 8 Years have 26 Fibroids that made her look like 7 Months Pregnancy. She Used Body Cleansing, AntiFibroid, and EstroClear for 4 Months and it has reduced 85% of it and feel more energetic and all symptoms totally disappeared.

Finally pregnant after using AntiFibroid and Body Cleanse.

After trying to get pregnant for more than 5 years, I finally went to the doctor to find out what was wrong. He said I had giant fibroids that were preventing me from conceiving and without surgery, I would never have a baby.


Surgery did not sound like something I wanted to do! I heard too many horror stories and the chances of conceiving after surgery are very slim. I thought there must be a better way. A little research brought me to your website. After reading the great results other women experienced, I ordered AntiFibroid and Body Cleanse right away.


I had only been using the products for about 9 weeks when I missed my period. I know the formula is supposed to regulate my period, but I didn’t think it would make it stop! I was worried, so I went to see my doctor. The doctor was as shocked as I was – I was pregnant!


A follow-up scan showed that my gigantic fibroid had shrunk to about the size of a walnut and I immediately change to your Pregnant with Fibroid Solution Kit to continue shrinking the fibroid during pregnant and keeping my baby safe. Last ultrasound before my delivery shows that the fibroid have disappear and my pregnancy was progressing beautifully!


I tell everyone I know about how great this product is and even the wonder effect of the Pregnant with Fibroid Solution Kit was amazing. My doctor was impressed and he have been recommending both AntiFibroid for his fibroid patients and Pregnant with Fibroid Solution Kit for women pregnant with fibroid. Thank you!


Rosalee, Cape town, South Africa.

A safe and affordable way to rid your body of fibroids forever!

Last fall my doctor said he had found 5 small fibroids in my uterus, and if I wanted to get pregnant, they would have to be surgically removed. I was not interested in surgery one bit, partly because I just hated the idea of getting cut up, but mostly because I am self-employed and don’t have any medical insurance. Such a procedure was supposed to cost me about $5000. But, my doctor said there is no guarantee I would conceive after wards – my chances may be improved, but maybe not. Fibroids often grow back and more surgeries might be needed, and still no guarantee that I would conceive.


Well, I did not like these odds one bit! I went online thinking there must be a better way. Low and behold, I found just what I was looking for! The treatments may sound expensive to some people, but when you consider the cost of surgery, the time you have to take off of work and all the postoperative medications! I say AntiFibroid SAVES you money! Plus, it is guaranteed to work, unlike surgery. I have been using AntiFibroid along with the Body Cleanse for about 3 months now and I feel great! My last check up revealed that all of my fibroids had disappeared completely. I can’t tell you how happy I am. I will finally be able to have a baby!


Natalie, West Virginia.

The pain was so bad, I thought I would die!

I had a fibroid the size of an orange right at the bottom of my uterus. The pain was unbearable! Every month when my period started I would have to spend the first days in bed. I couldn’t even fix my own meals. I tried every painkiller on the shelf and nothing helped even a little. I thought for sure this was the end. I would cry for days – mostly from the pain, but partially because I scared of dying.


Then a friend told me fibroids could be cured. I thought yeah, but who wants to take the risk of surgery? She said, no. There are natural ways that work better than surgery. Better than surgery? I thought she was putting me on, until she dragged me over to her computer and showed me your website. I was still very skeptical. It just sounded too good to be true. After reading the testimonials from other women, I thought it doesn’t hurt to try. Even if my results are only half as good as what other women experienced, I would be one happy camper! Even a little relief would be a welcome improvement.


I have been using AntiFibroid for about 2 months now, and all I can say is – thank you! Thanks to all the wonderful women that shared their stories and convinced me to give the product a try and thank you for creating such a wonderful product! My periods are now completely pain-free!


Veronica, Califonia.

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